Meet our people

Ulderico Monetti

My role: Chief Operating Officer
Skills: For about 20 years in the field of green areas and urbanization, today my commitment, in addition to operations and the commercial side, is moving towards research and development within my fields of interest.
My strong points:
Tenacity and resilience
My weakness points: Lately the memory and the lack of rigidity in some situations
My greater satisfaction: Starting from an idea and seeing it come true, knowing that you have solved a problem
Passions: Being in contact with nature, sailing boats, vintage cars and motorcycles
Favourite food: The amatriciana
If i was not who I am: I would be an activist in some environmental association, or a sports agonist.

Rocco Ruggiero

My role: Chief Operating Officer
Skills: A long experience in the world of integrated technical services, started as a Project Manager with responsibility for the results of the Construction site and coordination of operational teams
My strong points:
My sincere temper has always helped me in my relationship with others, especially if I have to “team up”
My weakness points: I tend to centralize all my decisions
My greater satisfaction: Give life to FSI (given the very positive results obtained in recent years)
Passions: The sea, which for me is only accessible by boat: deep and blue where you can dive
Favourite food: Fish dishes
IF I WAS NOT WHO I AM: I would like to be a truck driver of road giants (but this was the dream when I was child). Today, as an entrepreneur, I would never go back

Alessandro Belloni

My role: Chairman & CEO
Skills: Ranging from mechanical engineering applied to conditioning systems, to corporate finance, through contract management
My strong points: I’m precise, ambitious (someone could say visionary, for certain big projects that I have in mind), sociable and rich of self-control
My weakness points: I’m sometimes too humoral and, with the time, I realize that I’m excessively assertive
Passions: Cinema (which can involve you like certain Nouvelle Vague films) and sport (also played, like futsal)
Favourite food: Salt fish
If I was not who I am: I would like to be a doctor

Massimo Molteni

My role: Coordinator & Planning
Skills: Surveyor’s diploma, degree in civil engineering, management skills deriving from the acquired professional experience
My strong points: Tenacity, synthesis, work for goals, problem solving, team work
My weakness points: Too much availability, too much confidence in certain cases
My greater satisfaction: My daughter
Passions: Tennis, history and contemporary politics
Favourite food: Risotto alla Milanese, grilled meat and vegetables, still red wines
If I was not who I am: I’d like to be a professional tennis player, but I think more realistically than I would try to pursue a career as a pilot of civilian aircraft



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