Mission and values

Our mission

To seek out and provide customers innovative and ecologically sustainable environmental solutions for the creation or improvement of parks and gardens, ensuring that they are a lasting joy to use, easy to manage and conducive to health and wellbeing.To apply high standards in our proposed interventions so as to enhance urban settings and ensure our buildings are oases of wellbeing, better to live in and worth more.To offer renovation and urbanization solutions that are always efficient and effective, taking care in the selection of materials and other details, and looking for the most solution best suited to the surroundings and the customers’ needs.


Our values

We take care of our customers and the surroundings in which they live and work. Our public sector projects always put the user centre-stage, ensuring high quality and wellbeing from the very beginning.

Our landscape management services are designed by highly professional specialists, such as landscape gardeners, field technicians and experts in landscape engineering. Their contributions to landscape design and management ensures that the solutions proposed will be of high quality, simplifying care, conservation and maintenance.

VME’s staff are constantly being retrained, to ensure their high degree of professional competence and so maintain efficiency. Training courses guarantee that everything we do will be done in the most effective and efficient way possible.

We are constantly striving to strengthen our links with the customer and make them as close as possible; that way, we can truly appreciate the customer’s needs and so provide the best possible service and a steady source of support that can develop as circumstances change and research comes up with new innovations.


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