The park of Villa Recalcati, an eighteenth-century noble residence, on the shores of Lake Varese and current headquarters of the Province of Varese has recently been reopened to the public after several months of closure due to the need to secure tall trees damaged by the weather and 'carelessness. The redevelopment works have been entrusted to VME, winner of the tender of the Province of Varese, which also provides for periodic maintenance.

VME has carried out a series of restoration and general cleaning operations to allow reopening in a short time and in complete safety. To underline, for example, the necessary demolition of a centuries-old cedar: it is an intervention of not simple execution, whose success is to be attributed to the expertise of the qualified personnel VME. Even the excellent management of snowfall in the last period has allowed the reopening date not to be further delayed.

VME will carry out all the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities of the historic park of Villa Recalcati, will also perform a computerized census of the tree heritage, in order to constantly monitor the trees in the park, keeping under control the parameters useful for the maximum user safety so as to enhance the historical importance of the botanical composition present in the park itself.

Villa Recalcati is added to the public utility works carried out by VME and focused on the enhancement of places with particular historical and botanical value. Finally, the park in question can be returned to Varese, with the hope that they can give new blood to a site that has been closed for too long, constituting a green lung that can only benefit the entire community.



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