Executive director in charge of the Landscape Division. He began his working life as a gardener, and has worked in gardening services ever since.

Never one to decline a challenge, he set up his own company in 2004 and managed to get it firmly established. More recently his perspicacity and dynamism, coupled with a powerful environmental awareness and appreciation of the need for sustainability, made him look for new solutions that could be applied to landscape management using R & D applied to the creation of new products and services.

The conviction that plant life plays an essential part in the redevelopment of open spaces and property in general, as well as in the improvement of working environments, led him to support FERVO, a network combining the services offered by FSI, ECO2ZONE, VME and RECLEAN, all firms specializing in particular but complementary segments of Facility Management.



Via Assunta, 61 - Building D

(angolo Via La Malfa)

20834 - Nova Milanese (MB)

Ph. +39 0362 43482

Fax +39 0362 459641

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