Interior and exterior renovations; supervising design and construction. Urban infrastructure. Making fountains and pools.

VME offers interior and exterior renovations with complete or partial refurbishment of apartments, condominiums and other buildings.

Working with established architects, VME’s highly qualified staff can provide street furniture solutions for public and private landowners.

We create innovative projects that meet every need thanks to sophisticated construction technology, advanced techniques and careful selection of the best materials.



VME offers the benefits of a one-stop shop for site supervision and tailored project support.

VME can handle the entire project: site inspections, contractors’ bids for submission to the customer for approval, and checking that the work is being carried out in accordance with the specifications in the approved project.

Our offering includes:

  • our in-house technical evaluation work
  • free site evaluation
  • turnkey services
  • issue of certificates

VME carries out interiors and exterior works such as adapting, re-organizing and renovating outdated buildings.

Internal rebuilding of new houses that have been wrongly constructed, are not to specification or have major flaws.

Renovation of houses and luxury country houses; modernization of private interiors

We carry out a site evaluation free of charge so as to get a better idea of how the space could be reorganized or refurbished.

VME also restores external facades, balconies and terraces. Our staff will assess the condition of the façade or the state of reinforced concrete in balconies and terraces with a view to possible repair or replacement.

VME designs and constructs pools (above ground or sunk), using the most appropriate technique for each situation, with a variety of shapes and linings to ensure full satisfaction for all customers.

VME designs and creates fountains and ponds with all kinds and sizes of water jet. Our long experience in this area means we can provide very elegant and highly spectacular water features; lighting can be incorporated, also, using floodlights, spotlights or optical fibres.

VME executes outdoor work and street furniture such as rotundas, walls, pavements and paths of various materials. A complete service for beautifying any public or private area.


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