Landscape management

Landscape design, maintenance and care.  Pruning and felling trees (by climbing or using a cherry-picker). Establishing greens and lawns from seed or with turf.

Experience, professionalism and the use of cutting-edge techniques, products and equipment guarantee excellent standards of service to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Drawing on its many years of experience and the services of specialist landscape architects, VME can assess a project’s surroundings and draw up proposals for the design of parks and gardens that best suit the customer's preferences. First we examine the site to provide an accurate estimate of landscaping and maintenance costs. VME can also carry out all the work needed to complete the garden environment (avenues, walls, kerbs, planters): a complete service for any kind of layout.

VME lays and renovates lawns using turf. Turf is mature lawn which has been sown and cared for over eighteen months or more and then harvested in strips with special equipment and rolled up for ease of transport and laying. The turves are cut 1.5cm thick, and are held together by their densely matted roots.

This use of turf has several advantages over traditional seed-grown lawn: unlike seedlings, turf does not require constant attention in the form of frequent precise doses of water and fertilizer, hand-weeding, or re-seeding where heavy rain has displaced the seeds. An immediate result is achieved, and in a fortnight or so the new lawn can be walked on without sustaining damage.

VME lays and renovates lawns by seeding

Work starts with thorough tilling to ensure that the lawn will be smooth and uniform. Chemical herbicides are used when necessary to eliminate any weed seeds, roots and rhizomes that may be present in the soil. Then a good result is guaranteed by using the finest seeds on the market, the varieties being selected by our experts. The whole bed is constantly monitored and carefully watered until the garden regains its proper splendour.

VME’s experience and professionalism enable it to design projects that suit their surroundings, meet the customer’s preferences, look good and are a joy to use. We design gardens, interiors and terraces for every taste, from classical to modern to Japanese.

First we study every aspect in depth in order to achieve a satisfying result of very high quality. Our creations always reflect the customer’s personality, and remain attractive in every season of the year. Once the garden is established we help the customer to plan any particular measures and treatments that may be needed later.

VME regularly constructs and maintains irrigation systems for residential areas (individual or shared), sports facilities, industrial areas, public parks and gardens, terraces, etc.

We install fully automated systems to provide a thoroughly economical and functional service for private households, groundsmen and garden contractors.

We provide a professional service using tree-climbing techniques, cherry-pickers, cranes or other devices to reach awkward positions. Crown reduction and dead branch removal at height benefit the tree by encouraging the growth of new wood at its weakest points, so preventing significant tree damage (broken branches, for instance) and ensuring that the tree remains healthy and no danger to passers-by.


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